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studies in space

starting in 2001 as a hatha yoga instructor, seeking and often finding more space within myself and sharing that with others. I first hung my pro-astrologer shingle in 2006, and have offered consult, classes, and mentorship since 2009. my experience arises from queer and witchy seeking within the deep webs of our physical bodies, shared mental-linguistic resources, and psychic beingness. at once creative, communal, and deeply cultural may we find ourselves and one another.


Wow, I just listened to the recording....what an amazing experience! So much knowledge, so much mystery, and yet you also offered me very practical advice and techniques.

Thanks so much for that session yesterday. It will take quite a lot to fully process once I finally come down from the energetic high ... in fact I’m having a morning full of raw emotion which is interesting.  And my hip has absolutely come forward a ratchet or two.  I’m amazed. 

I just want to express my gratitude to you for offering me so much insight, and for being so present, and for holding space for me in such a profound way.


 * hands * hearts * hips * heels * heads *


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