Introduction / Immersion in Astrology 

solarsystemIn effort to build the local astrologically-conversant community, Coniunctio (at CIIS) offers this meeting to provide you a foundation in astrology’s terms and symbols, and to welcome you into this universal conversation. 

This highly interactive and hands on afternoon was recorded in three parts:

I: Zodiac ~ signs, elements, modes, polarity
II: Planets ~ astronomy, mythology, periodicity
III: Chart Drawing ~ house systems, aspects, transits

Needless to say this is a vast body of material. If you are brand new, i suggest making a note card with each of the signs, and each of the planets, and adding keywords to them as you hear them. Write all the glyphs many times like a kindergartner tracing their letters, until you know this ancient symbolic script.

Sponsored by Coniunctio, the CIIS Astrology Club, this afternoon was offered free to all.

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