Hands On Testimonials

“My session with Ian was subtly powerful. He has a keen and expert knowledge of both astrology and the body and combines these in a unique and profound way. I have gleaned pieces of astrological wisdom from Ian in the past, but nothing compared to how his astrology practice informs his body-based healing talent. I would recommend a session to anyone who is curious about how their body and their stars align.”

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“Thanks for the session yesterday. It was very interesting and affirming and is still working through my body. By combining the body work with the reading, it allowed me to open up an receive the information in more ways than I might have otherwise. The body work portion actually felt kind of trippy (in a good way!) as if my mind’s usual defenses were distracted long enough for the info to penetrate and be known on many different levels.”

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“I noticed your way of stopping, taking a deep breath to ground and re-center. ‘I’m not here to fix anything.’ You say this sometimes in our sessions. A number of things you have voiced for me in the past tend to stay with me, even very simple reinforcements like remembering to make nice meals, take time with friends to eat or put the book down, etc. These are sometimes what I need to hear most: basic, grounding, essential.”

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“Let people know this is (or can be) an intense hands on healing experience.  I wasn’t expecting it myself, thought about it more along the lines of an astrology reading.  I was having trouble focusing and being with my friend afterward (part of that was being out in public, and her need for attention), had to go home and nap, and even then was feeling a bit overwhelmed at all the energies rising up inside me, which seemed to increase as the day went on (and then went out to a concert on top of it, which actually felt really good).  This is not a bad thing at all, yet people should realize this session may not be something to do in a busy day.  I wish I had allowed myself some quiet time afterward to reflect and center, or at least be with what came up.”

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