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Notes at Solstice

The Sun has just passed its midpoint from aligning with Jupiter, now closer toward Saturn. These are the last days of Sag, it is nearly solstice – a long stretch opening toward the full moon brightening through next Sunday 23rd. Then America will Christmas under Leo Moon, and followed by the turning of the numerical to 2019,  Scorpio Moon. 

A year ago, Saturn moved into Capricorn same day as winter solstice. I recall it was the brashest ever sunset anyone could recall in 30 years as we gathered on ocean beach, SF to plunge. The wind was biting and crisp: Welcome Heaviest of Heavies, I thought. Next week the Sun and Saturn will conjoin on New Years Day, in this part of the world.

Saturn is showing its night-force home sign potency these three Solar visits 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20 ~ & isn’t the kind of date and timing upheld by the mechanized/corporatized calendric (who else owns time-keeping these days??) extremely overcomplicated. It’s so much easier to say while the Sun visits Capricorn rather than straddle the calendar years. 

Anyway, the tones and weights of Saturn+Pluto are unmistakable notes in the cosmo-psychic these days. We can scan for their expression during Cardinals, and  Earth moon days, especially while the Sun lights up the otherwise darkest of months. °northern hemispheric supremacy noted

Reflecting on any overture images or events from last year, we can draft our normals and reasonables for how to expect/respect this next month. And with a buildup to the Sun+Saturn+Pluto in the same degree January 2020, we can situate ourselves to speak and listen for the kind of prophetic statements with which to anchor our next 30 years. I’m recalling Jessica Murray (I think) connecting “Trickle Down Economics” with the last Saturn-Pluto alignment, near New Moon in Libra 1982.

On the topic of Time, a friend asked tonight: if Sun time is days and years, and Moon time is moments and months, what about queer time? I wondered: Maybe Trance time? by which I imagined Ritual in-between-the-worlds time? or dream time? eternal spacious time … 

Later that evening I question: is Queer Time akin to Sacred Space. If you find yourself in a sacred moment this seasonal turning, would you ask their queer name/s? and share them if you can.

Rhythms this week

Tuesday to Thursday Taurus Moon
opp Venus

Thursday to Saturday Gemini Moon
with the Jupiter-Neptune Mutable Situation

Saturday to Monday Cancer Moon
full moon,  almost with node = demi-clipse? 
check that Cap situation bright as day

Tuesday to Thursday Leo Moon
chill by comparison
fire trines and Square Venus



I’m writing to you. I’m imagining you as a keen younger astro-wise pupil who might be curious to read along with me. I’m aiming to share my stories with astrology for practitioners. 

It’s nearly midnight, nearly 2018. Seven days past the big Saturn-Solstice. We’re liking it, you’ve written to say as much. The scope of any effort, game, our output is much more clearly in line with whatever rubric we apply; at least this might be one layer of the invitation. This is to say, our efforts now matter only insofar as we design to measure them. Old rules are off, maybe.

On the chart of now-ish, you can maybe see that it is midnight. The sun is at the bottom. I trend to the root (“IC”) – and would invite learners to pay attention to how this deepest, or darkest, or pivotal zone, can serve as a cruxial tool for your own practice. The far point of the MidHeaven, it can correlate with grounding, with knowing where you come from, and how you might access the qualities of Home.

Augury, from reading (maybe entrails) to divine – we know the word from the swearing in of presidents, for example. Born in the USA, I’m opting to devote myself to sharing stories as an astrologer living through the passage of so-called Saturn in the sign of the Mer-Goat, Capricorn. A stitch each day, or some each week, over time knits for enough warmth to keep us.

As I effort to share from my person, I’ll apologize in advance for the likely contradictions & paradoxes, and especially the mistakes I will surely make. I was assigned male at birth, and continue to discover the loathing that this false binary (either male, or not-male=female) a simple lie so well-repeated … which persists in our language and culture. I’m dreaming of you, and other later astro-wise learners who know better themselves, free of pre-conditioning heterosexism. And I’m writing to myself, later, grateful that I remembered to keep uprooting self-destroying  learned language.

Virgo-Colored Lenses

Today it strikes me all resplendently ripeblogafieldpop
Boughs resign with fruit
already juicing through bird-pecked skins;
Far, panoramic pastures
sigh harmony with the breeze
that paces their omni-rhythmic swaying;
Pedestrians, they
Promenade and Do Si Do
dignifying their evening walk to the station,
and one another.

Some days, we find it all so well.
Never perfect, still over filled with care.
Suggestions of order emerge
and we ease in.
To remedy imbalance,
wrap the bandage
and wait.


Once We are Twins, again today

‘I can go faster…’stars_gemini
“But I am more clever!”
‘You have it so easy, all playful and laughing ~’
“Truly you’re blind to when I am alone.”

On and on the scurrying duo
exalt and succumb, elate, and then deflate.
Each moment pregnant with earth rattling potential
now splitting the atom,
now merging with source.

Us twins always know, part of us is in the other.
Us twins often grasp,
but the bird in the hand is
never quite the prize that is
the glorious one once tittering in the bush.

See them: surfing the mobius strip.
No one takes the lead.
The space between,
no matter whether impossibly far,
remains their singular connection.

What Shape is your Temple? – musings at the Taurus new moon

Down the road from my home is an ashram. I call it an ashram because that word properly conveys how entering that place immerses you into a world of apparently foreign teachings, how it offers solace and shelter to folks when they know least where to go. It is a world away from the city outside, even while the instructions on the recycling bins outline how to sort the ubiquitous rubbish cups and lids from the coffee church at the corner.

The last couple weeks the bright and earlier daylight’s been stirring me in time to get out for morning meditation. It’s funny, as someone who enjoys sitting, and who has come to understand how sitting with a group is worlds easier than sitting alone, … it’s funny that it took me several years of living here before I even went in the door. I could never get a read on the place, somehow older and deeper and teaching a yoga I couldn’t recognize among the so many more popular schools focusing on body shapes, devotions, and positive thinking.

The central ritual this ashram enacts is a daily fire ceremony: Agnihotra. They chant over the fire in this place twelve times weekly, and as I imagine it continuously since the temple was opened in 1972 (before I was born). The ceremony itself ~ 10 minutes of sanskrit mantra chanting over burning ghee to renew a purity in that space and on behalf of all space ~ has, I reckon, been practiced continuously since before the dawn of recorded history.

For this Taurus, writing today on a Taurean new moon eclipse morning, there is an incredible medicine in identifying this continuity. Imagine a profoundly deep and simple practice which is valuable at levels so much more subtle than anything subject to mental analysis or capitalism. It anchors the day while anchoring participants also in much greater spans of cosmic time.

><> ><> ><>

It’s the shape of the temple that I am writing to reflect on today. Most places I’ve satagnihotra at yssf are the same shape as traditional rooms, with a focus at one end of a quadrilinear space where everyone faces the front. The Cosmic Temple at the Yoga Society, rather, is built to focus on an open hearth and chimney in the center of the room. Everyone sits facing the middle. And in case the point of this being an astrological teaching might be missed, the hearth is bounded by a tiled ring of inset zodiac glyphs. It’s a beautiful space with rainbows hand-painted all up in the arches overhead.

The habit of organizing into fours is so widespread in our culture we may be excused a myopia around the choices it forces. There are four cardinal directions in our geography, four seasons, four elements in the traditions of astrology, four walls hold up the roofs over our heads. We orient our movements forward, backward, left, and right, and much less is the option of moving inward taught or practiced.

If we make a leap to the body, conventional attention lands most squarely on the surface of the skin, at simplest a front, back, two sides. Following all the curves even on the surface of a body carries us eons from anywhere which could be measured in fours. This path prompts an level intimacy with one’s self which is an affront to the quartered world, evoking an eroticism which affirms that four-ness may be real but is not an absolute.

Follow now from the surface to the inner. It’s here where our truth lives. We may evaluate whether something we’ve encountered continues to be true for us. Our creativity moves from this un-manifest space into form and quality and shape and value.

The connections among four elements and the physical body are juicy stuff to me, and worthy of many more posts all their own. What’s useful today, reflecting on the temple with the altar in the middle, is how it parallels a sacred circle cast in four directions which contain a sacred fifth. Just as astrologically we work in four elements but can encounter them all from an even more subtle place sometimes indicated by the fifth element: often called Space, or Ether. So that when we think of our habits or personality as fixed by our chart placements, we can nonetheless take this turn to the deeper pivot around which their expression can be refined and made to work for us.

As we reflect on food and loot and sensuality and all the Taurean encounters with stuff, may we open our inner eye to recall how every thing is a vessel for that which it veils within. Your body for example is perfect as it is right now, even if you have yet to access its full capacity. Or if you’re living at full embodied power, still you may concede our shared body of Spaceship Earth, us around the common central altar of the fire puja, has yet to come fully online. 

And finally as you maybe move toward turning off this screen, honor how turning from the so many stimulus outside to a moment of acknowledgement of the center (which is You) reestablishes you in the great webs of cosmic time. This step can and will rededicate all you do as a evocation of what is yet possible in a miraculous world. Swaha.