Notes at Solstice

The Sun has just passed its midpoint from aligning with Jupiter, now closer toward Saturn. These are the last days of Sag, it is nearly solstice – a long stretch opening toward the full moon brightening through next Sunday 23rd. Then America will Christmas under Leo Moon, and followed by the turning of the numerical to 2019,  Scorpio Moon. 

A year ago, Saturn moved into Capricorn same day as winter solstice. I recall it was the brashest ever sunset anyone could recall in 30 years as we gathered on ocean beach, SF to plunge. The wind was biting and crisp: Welcome Heaviest of Heavies, I thought. Next week the Sun and Saturn will conjoin on New Years Day, in this part of the world.

Saturn is showing its night-force home sign potency these three Solar visits 2017-18, 2018-19 & 2019-20 ~ & isn’t the kind of date and timing upheld by the mechanized/corporatized calendric (who else owns time-keeping these days??) extremely overcomplicated. It’s so much easier to say while the Sun visits Capricorn rather than straddle the calendar years. 

Anyway, the tones and weights of Saturn+Pluto are unmistakable notes in the cosmo-psychic these days. We can scan for their expression during Cardinals, and  Earth moon days, especially while the Sun lights up the otherwise darkest of months. °northern hemispheric supremacy noted

Reflecting on any overture images or events from last year, we can draft our normals and reasonables for how to expect/respect this next month. And with a buildup to the Sun+Saturn+Pluto in the same degree January 2020, we can situate ourselves to speak and listen for the kind of prophetic statements with which to anchor our next 30 years. I’m recalling Jessica Murray (I think) connecting “Trickle Down Economics” with the last Saturn-Pluto alignment, near New Moon in Libra 1982.

On the topic of Time, a friend asked tonight: if Sun time is days and years, and Moon time is moments and months, what about queer time? I wondered: Maybe Trance time? by which I imagined Ritual in-between-the-worlds time? or dream time? eternal spacious time … 

Later that evening I question: is Queer Time akin to Sacred Space. If you find yourself in a sacred moment this seasonal turning, would you ask their queer name/s? and share them if you can.

Rhythms this week

Tuesday to Thursday Taurus Moon
opp Venus

Thursday to Saturday Gemini Moon
with the Jupiter-Neptune Mutable Situation

Saturday to Monday Cancer Moon
full moon,  almost with node = demi-clipse? 
check that Cap situation bright as day

Tuesday to Thursday Leo Moon
chill by comparison
fire trines and Square Venus


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