I’m writing to you. I’m imagining you as a keen younger astro-wise pupil who might be curious to read along with me. I’m aiming to share my stories with astrology for practitioners. 

It’s nearly midnight, nearly 2018. Seven days past the big Saturn-Solstice. We’re liking it, you’ve written to say as much. The scope of any effort, game, our output is much more clearly in line with whatever rubric we apply; at least this might be one layer of the invitation. This is to say, our efforts now matter only insofar as we design to measure them. Old rules are off, maybe.

On the chart of now-ish, you can maybe see that it is midnight. The sun is at the bottom. I trend to the root (“IC”) – and would invite learners to pay attention to how this deepest, or darkest, or pivotal zone, can serve as a cruxial tool for your own practice. The far point of the MidHeaven, it can correlate with grounding, with knowing where you come from, and how you might access the qualities of Home.

Augury, from reading (maybe entrails) to divine – we know the word from the swearing in of presidents, for example. Born in the USA, I’m opting to devote myself to sharing stories as an astrologer living through the passage of so-called Saturn in the sign of the Mer-Goat, Capricorn. A stitch each day, or some each week, over time knits for enough warmth to keep us.

As I effort to share from my person, I’ll apologize in advance for the likely contradictions & paradoxes, and especially the mistakes I will surely make. I was assigned male at birth, and continue to discover the loathing that this false binary (either male, or not-male=female) a simple lie so well-repeated … which persists in our language and culture. I’m dreaming of you, and other later astro-wise learners who know better themselves, free of pre-conditioning heterosexism. And I’m writing to myself, later, grateful that I remembered to keep uprooting self-destroying  learned language.

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